Staybazar – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1. What accommodation or stay options does Staybazar have?

Staybazar has service apartments, homestays, theme stays and resorts. The accommodations are usually in form of an apartment, studio, villa, suite, cottage or room.

2. What are service apartments?

Serviced apartments are residential apartments that are rented out on nightly or short durations. They are full furnished and may typically come with pantry, kitchen or kitchenette. Key aspect is that they are fully serviced including room services, security, housekeeping and food facilities.

3. Once I make a booking, how do I check-in into service apartment?

Once you make a booking, you need to check into apartment. Most apartments will have a front desk or a housekeeping person who will help you in checking in, will provide you the keys and facilitate you getting into room and providing necessary things. Standard check-in time is 2 PM, though some apartments may allow early check-ins. Please note the address and phone number of service apartment once you make booking, so that you can contact and coordinate as needed.

4. How do I checkout of service apartment?

Most service apartments have 11 AM morning as checkout time. You can checkout using the front desk or housekeeping person at service apartment. Please note you would have already made payment to for accommodation charges, any extra charges at site like food or drinks may need to be paid to service apartment directly.

5. What can I expect in service apartment?

Service apartments come in different types. Typically you will have a sitting area, desk/table, bed, bathroom and a kitchenette/kitchen.You will be provided bed sheets, blankets, linen and towels. If you have kitchen area, you can expect sets of crockery, utensils, fridge and cooking stove.

Cost and Payment

1. How are booking charges normally taken?

All booking charges for your accommodation will be already submitted and paid by you to and will have to paid online through credit cards, Netbanking, debit cards or cash cards. You will not be required to pay any accommodation related charge at the property itself.

2. How are charges other than reservation charges handled?

Once you have checked in you may incur additional charges which are usually for food items, or drinks. Please pay the service apartment or alternate stay directly when you are checking out. This can be paid as cash, credit card or debit card. Please note if breakfast or dinner is part of accommodation package you will not need to pay for it.

Cancellation/Modify bookings

1. If I need to cancel by booking, how do I do this?

If you need to cancel your booking please login to your account using “Login My Account”, then go to your booking record using “My Stays”. When you open booking record you can see option to cancel.

2. If I need to make changes to my booking, how do I do this? supports date changes to your booking as required.

If you need to make changes to your booking please login to your account using “Login My Account”, then go to your booking record using “My Stays”. When you open booking record you can see option to “Modify” which should be used to make date changes to your booking as needed.

Corporate Travel

1. How do I sign up as corporate customer?

If you are a corporate or business who needs to make bookings for travel for your employees or yourself, please register with us using “corporate – Register” and create corporate account. Clicking this link will open “Start corporate Account” form which needs to be filled and submitted.

Staybazar office will review, and once approved you will receive email with details to login and access your account.

2. How I do corporate travel booking?

You can choose “Staybazar for business” on our homepage and select “Login My Account”. Under this please select “Corporate” and enter login email id and password to login.

Once logged in you can search for accommodations, select the accommodation option and make the booking. Payment can be done through credit card, net banking, debit card or cash card.