5 Amazing Offsite Locations for Corporates (1)

5 Amazing Offsite Locations for Corporates

Every employee at your company is special. They are valued as a key asset contributing tirelessly for your success. It’s only natural that you return the favor by giving them an experience that makes them feel appreciated. That’s why corporate offsite events are held regularly by organizations. Here’s a list of the top five locations you should be looking at to host your next big offsite –



What’s not to love about Goa? Beaches and beverages can light up the life of your employees. It’s a place like no other where shacks are lined up, eagerly waiting for you to mix business with pleasure. Make your reservations in advance to get sweet deals on massive mansions and wonderful villas.



If you’re company is doing exceptionally well in the market, you can fly your employees down south to Kovalam. The view from any one of the many hotels on the beach will take your breath away. The hotels also have conference halls that can hold an upward of 50 people at a time, making it ideal for corporate meetings.



The capital city of Rajasthan is known for its royal ambience. Jaipur is a city teeming with business opportunities. Baffle your peers by booking a star property in the Pink City to host your annual day. The red tape affair will leave quite an impression on them for years to come.



Go offshore and reach the sandy beaches of the Andaman Islands. From snorkelling to sea walking, there’s a range of fun underwater activities to take the edge off your employees. You can rent out amazing Nicobari styled log huts to give your peers a uniquely satisfying corporate experience.



Nicknamed the Queen of Hill Stations, Ooty is a central hub between Chennai and Bangalore. With no dearth of homestays to host you, you can rest assured that you’ll get to taste delicious local delicacies during your business travel.

Take care of your employees and they’ll care of you. That’s usually how business works so plan a company trip that strengthens your team and brings them closer.

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