5 Amazing Ways to Travel in India

Shrouded in mystery, India is a land of legends. When it comes to cultures, our land is filled with colourful country roads. For travellers, it’s the ultimate adventure. If you’re a travel junkie like us, take a trip through these five modes of transport to have your mind blown.


By a Bullet

The journey on a bike begins with the gears. You look for the perfect outfit so you feel comfortable on long rides. Once you’re all set, it’s pedal to the metal. Nothing can feel as good as cruising along the country on a bullet. You feel like you have an edge over the wind. You feel free to explore as you wish.


By a Train

Train journeys are our favourite. Boredom is unheard of when you’re in a train. Everyone you meet onboard has a fascinating story to tell you. The beautiful moving pictures just outside your window is enchanting to say the least. Travellers who want to rest can conveniently opt for the sleeper class.


By a Bus

Buses go a long way when it comes to making a journey safe. Public transport opens you up to a whole new world. The chaos of urban life is coloured in many hues. From morning to evening, people are on the constant move and the next bus is never far away.


By a Car

Having a car is like having a house on wheels. With four friends to keep you company, you can drive for days on end. The steering wheel, clutch and ABS gives you a good grip on the road. With airbags to protect you against unfortunate events, the speedometer can hit 0-100 real quick on the highways.


By a Bicycle

Whether it’s offroading or riding the cityscapes, there is a bike for every road. It is the healthiest way to travel short distances. The right protective gear for bicyclers can be found at all major sports utility shops.

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