5 Reasons to Try Alternative Accommodations

It’s a beautiful world out there and traveling is the best way to see it for yourself. This is especially true when you live in a country that is as rich in culture and tradition as India is. Over the years, avid travellers have grown accustomed to luxury resorts and 5-star hotel experiences. After a while, all that hospitality and reserved ambiences start to lose their charm. In such situations, alternative accommodations can make all the difference unlike its expensive counterparts and we’ll tell you why –


1. You live like a local

Anyone can book a hotel room, order in from the restaurant and call it a vacation. In fact, that’s most likely the scene regardless of the location you’ve chosen. But with a home stay or a shack by the beach, you have the luxury of discovering the vibe firsthand. Ditch the suites for a cozy bedroom with a bath to blend in with the locals.


2. You absorb culture

Everything from architecture to art is centred around culture. Getting a serviced apartment at your holiday destination might give you sneak peak into the local traditions that keep the place alive. Just be sure to notice the wind chimes, carpets and all the other little things that decorate your walls and brighten up your space.


3. You can relate to people and places

Because it’s not a hotel, you’ll find yourself talking to people who aren’t maids or butlers. And you can bet your bucks they’ll be more interesting to share a conversation with. Let’s face it, we never send our hotel help a Facebook friend request after check out. But the same can’t be said about people you bump into on the streets, right?


4. You taste authentic food

Sometimes home-cooked meals taste more delicious than dishes served by the head chefs at top restaurants. The food prepared by people hosting home stays are made with love and gratitude. They’re always eager and willing to give their guests the real deal and no extra charges are applied for that delight.


5. You feel at home

It’s true, everything isn’t spin and span with alternative accommodations. Things can get a little messy and out of place even but the chaos is often exciting and exhilarating at the same time. It reminds you of home and brings you closer to the reality that everything around you isn’t perfect and that’s ok.

It’s a fairly easy choice don’t you think? Well if you aren’t convinced yet with what we’ve said, there’s only one way to find out. Try it once and you won’t regret it.


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