5 Travel Destinations for Wonder Women (1)

5 Travel Destinations for Wonder Women

International Women’s Day may have gone by but don’t let that stop you from empowering yourself. India is a safer place for the fairer sex now and welcomes bold and beautiful women through its many doors. If you’re one of them, we have a few places you might want to check out.



The beauty of Udaipur’s architecture is only comparable to its beautiful inhabitants. Take a stroll around Lake Palace or step inside the Ahar Museum to get a glimpse of this city’s magnificence. The rich culture of this town presents itself at every corner so don’t be in a hurry to explore these streets.



Catch a moment of respite at the quiet shores of Puducherry. The slow and serene pace of this city helps you relax. Beautiful women can be seen going about their business throughout the day without breaking a sweat. Ladies have the luxury of spending their time at cafes, galleries and retail outlets that are loaded with French flavours.



Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Hampi offers women a deep and spiritual journey. Feel free to backpack across this land while you meet interesting people along your way. The friendly locals here never hesitate to tell you tales of yore that exude the rich culture of Hampi.



Get to a hill station like Shimla for pleasant weather and pleasant people. The charm of this valley lies in its snow-covered pathways and enchanting landscapes. From honeymooners to solo travellers, this tourist town draws a huge floating population. The affordable lodges for women make it an exceptional pitstop for the wild hearted.



Known as the most sacred city in India, Varanasi is teeming with spiritual seekers and yoga aspirants. Situated on the banks of the river Ganga, it is believed to be a land blessed with austerity. Women, both Indian and foreign, can be seen strolling around the city without fear.

It takes a brave women to face the world by herself and we salute you for doing that! Now be that amazing lady and chart your next adventure through these femme-friendly places.

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