Business on the Go

As an ace executive working for a reputed brand, I’m always on the go. A traveling salesman in a three piece suit and a bow tie can make people want to hear what the deal of the day is. On my journeys, I’ve picked up a few guidelines to go by whenever I reach my destination. I’ve noticed that just by sticking to these simple steps, I can make a huge difference in my customer’s behavior.


A cozy home

Finding a place to call home when I’m away is my number one priority. I want to live close to the local people because they are my biggest income. It also helps to strike a conversation about the area and its surroundings before I deliver a sales pitch. Staying at an expensive suite is tempting but it cuts me off from my bread and butter.


An open market

Every city, town and village has a central market. The sharpest vendors reserve a strategic position for themselves at these markets so people have less chances of missing the goods. Be it vegetables, books or handicrafts, the market is buzzing with excitement at all times.


Make new friends

Whether it’s the caretaker of my homestay or the traffic police, I make it a point to meet and greet at least 10 people every day. You never know how someone can help you and it doesn’t hurt to make friends when you’re going to spend some time in a new place.


The bigger picture

Yes, every day is a challenge when you’re working on your feet. But when I go out there, into the real world with a real product, I leave behind real impressions. It’s like watching something go viral offline and knowing that I had a key role to play in its growth. That right there is really special to me.


So don’t waste your time inside cultureless corridors. Keep it real wherever you go and remember, it’s not about the money. It’s about building relationships. Now get going!

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